20 January 2010

Snow Bunting mystery (now solved!)

We've had an instant response on this and it looks like this is a female bird ringed in Norfolk in February 2009 (not January 2005 as posted earlier).

We've also just heard a colour-ringed bird from the same Norfolk site was seen in France in October 2009, so this is now the SECOND record to France!

We're being plagued by a mystery Snow Bunting seen in France recently. The bird was well photographed and obviously has a BTO ring, but what number?!

The bird was seen on the beach in Dunkerque on 13 December and thanks to the photos of Daniel Haubreux we have got as far as --84768 but can't seem to figure out the first two letters!

Hopefully we'll figure it out and will post an update here... This is our first Snow Bunting exchange with France (either way), with most movements involving Iceland (48), Belgium (12) and The Netherlands (11), though we have had birds go to Canada and Italy!

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