07 January 2010

Ringed Lesser Crested Tern found...

This isn't quite the exciting news some will have hoped for, but just to continue our international theme of 2010, we recently spotted this report in the Mumbai Mirror. This reported a BTO-ringed bird found dying on a beach at Arnala, near Mumbai in India.

This bird was actually DD08695, a Lesser Crested Tern ringed on 27/6/2008 on Al Jarrim Island. The island is one of three sitting 20km north of the main island of Bahrain. This is the first movement of a Lesser Crested Tern to India from the island, but we did receive a very similar report last year of a Bridled Tern also found near Mumbai.

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  1. Erm, interesting, how the demography unit get to be 'surfing' (I presume not reading in paper format) the Mumbai Mirror...next it'll be the Tasmanian Times!!

  2. Hi
    Lesser crested terns at their mediterranean breeding sites in Libya, being ringed for the last 4 years, using both birdlife Malta metal rings and coulor rings (white, blue and Black)from ISPA in Italy.
    We had recived three resigtings from Morocco, Dakar and Seiraleone.

    for more info. visit http://home.scarlet.be/~pin02658/cr-Lesser%20Crested%20Tern.htm

    A. Hamza