05 January 2010

Anyone for badminton?

OK, so this one has nothing to do with demography (and isn't even in Britain), but is just an amazing story!

These images, taken by Amit Thakurta, were posetd on the Google image sharing groups Bird Photography India and Delhibirdpix.

Amit's friends were playing badminton in a floodlit court when a Brown Hawk Owl appeared, patiently watching the game. In the midst of the game, the bird made repeated sorties to catch the shuttlecock in flight. These photos are testimony to its success at the second attempt!

Images remain copyright © Amit Thakurta


  1. I suppose it's even more remarkable that it wasn't a feather shuttlecock, but entirely plastic!

    Happy New Year from India

  2. Amitji...you've recorded a rare behavior shot.This behavior needs some study. Very good observation and Fantastic pictures.