12 September 2013

Ringing Report for 2012 goes live

The British and Irish Ringing Scheme is one of the oldest in the world and has collected a wealth of information on the movement, survival and population change of bird species in Britain and Ireland.
Green Woodpecker by John Flowerday

The Online Ringing Report has just been updated. This includes the number of birds ringed and recaptured in 2012 and also the recovery and re-sighting information by county or species. For example the BTO Atlas species for the month is Green Woodpecker and the online report shows that we ringed 333 birds in 2012 compared with 406 in 2011 and 414 in 2010, so quite a drop in numbers over the past couple of years. We can also see a summary of all ringing recoveries for this species, which includes information on some of the oldest recorded birds found, and what happened to them. The longevity record for this species is 15 years set in 1985 when a bird was hit by a vehicle near Chertsey, Surrey.
Foreign location of birds ringed or recovered in Britain & Ireland since 1909 

If you are interested in a particular species or just certain locations or dates, the information is accessible via the Online Ringing Reports.

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