19 February 2013

Hawfinch Season

With only a few weeks before the new “Hawfinch season” starts, Jerry Lewis has just heard about an interesting sighting of one of his birds. This picture shows one of 22 birds feeding on churchyard yews near Yeovil, Somerset, and was photographed by Barrie Widden on 4 February 2013.  

Hawfinch wearing colour ring 13 - Barrie Widden

It was ringed as a first year male, near Monmouth, Gwent, on 22 March 2012 - one of four birds caught that day. So far, Jerry, and others, ringing in the Forest of Dean/Wye Valley have had over 300 recaptures or sightings of their birds, but this is the first movement away from the study area – a distance of about 100km, due south.  There has only been one UK movement that is greater, also involving Somerset – a bird ringed in October 1977 was subsequently found dead at a Nottingham breeding area.  It will be interesting to know when the birds leave this, apparently regular, wintering site, and if “13” will turn up again at one of the study feeding sites.

Thanks for Jerry Lewis for letting us know.

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