04 March 2011

Tawny web watch

We have received quite a few reports recently of nesting Blackbirds, Rooks, Goldfinch and pigeons but we are also receiving some detailed information on a particular pair of Tawny Owls.

The BTO website will be posting updates of the progress of a pair of Tawny Owls in Cambridgeshire again this year via webcam. The first egg was seen on 20th Feb and the current total is 4 so it looks likely that this is going to be the clutch size this year. We will be watching with eager anticipation to find out how they get on during the breeding season and noting the food species they are bringing into the nest, like Wood Mice and House Sparrows.

Four eggs and counting.

Birds are forming a large part of the female's diet and she took a well-earned break to go off with this House Sparrow, supplied by the male.

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