17 March 2011

Going Glossy

The chances of seeing a Glossy Ibis in the UK have been quite good in recent years, with several of these birds being colour ringed. Ibis, white N4C (DA264549), was ringed in Gard, France on 19 May 2009 in the nest. It then came to the UK with other Glossy Ibis and was seen at Chew Valley Lake, Bristol and then twice at Lows Nature Reserve, Somerset on 3 Oct and 25 Nov 2009. Things went quiet until it was seen again, in Spain! It was seen on 31 Jan 2011 at Arrossars de l'Encanyissada, Tarragona.

This is a distance of at least 1385km but where was it in 2010???

View Glossy Ibis travels in a larger map

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