02 February 2011

Goosey goosey gander, whither shall you wander?

In a previous post we highlighted the unusual movement of Orkney-bred Greylag Geese finding their way to Norfolk and now we have more up-to date news.

These Greylags have a neck collar fitted to help 'in the field' sightings as well as the usual BTO ring. Several geese were ringed in 2010 on Birsay, Orkney and of those 'HSI’, ‘HSL’, ‘HSS' and ‘HSK’ were seen on the 19th December in East Norfolk. 'HSK' was then seen by Mark Chipperfield at Strumpshaw Fen on the 27th Jan with 22 other Greylags. These birds were then spooked by a wing-tagged Marsh Harrier from the Isle of Sheppey, Kent on its way to roost.

Unfortunately 'HSI' is no more, as it was shot near Belton, Norfolk on the 17th Jan. Apart from this bird we have very few reports of these birds at their wintering site or on passage so if you see any goose with a neck collar/colour ring, report it and help fill in the gaps (www.ring.ac).

Today is 'World Wetlands Day' for Ramsar sites especially, so to help these valuable habitats get out there and get recording.

Thanks to Mark Grantham, Mark Chipperfield for letting us know and Alan Leitch for the photo.

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