18 February 2011

Gold Rush

Every year the BTO receives reports of unseasonal nesting from keen-eyed volunteers and members of the public. A few Feral Pigeons are always reported in January, followed by early-nesting Tawny Owls and Collared Doves into February.

This year a very unusual early-nester has popped up in a garden in Stockwell, London. Mrs H. Jones spotted a pair of Goldfinches building a nest on the 27th January and she managed to film them on the 3rd Feb, by which time the nest was over three-quarters built.

Goldfinches nest in forks in slender branches in the outer-foliage of trees and shrubs. Notice that this nest is therefore in a typical Goldfinch spot, except that at this time of year it is totally exposed. Goldfinches usually start nesting from early-April.

Mrs Jones reported that the birds were still tending to the nest on the 16th February.

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