23 July 2010

Lesser Whitethroat update

Yosef Kiat from the Israeli Bird Ringing Centre writes:

I am very glad to see the news about the Lesser Whitethroat on your blog!

Below are two pictures of Modiin Hills; the pictures were taken 4 days after Lesser Whitethroat Y117288 was ringed in this location! Modiin Hills is near my house and this is a productive and beautiful area for Sylvia Warblers in early spring migration (March).

In spring 2009 I ringed at Modiin Hills and caught 537 birds and 450 of them were Sylvia Warblers (334 of these Lesser Whitethroat).

Many thanks to Yosef Kiat for getting in touch.

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  1. If you enlarge the second photo you will see the mist nets poles!!
    B Kavanagh