01 June 2010

How I do like to nest beside the seaside!

Last week, we mentioned how birds are always surprising us in where they choose to nest. This week, we have a few more for you- but this time there is a coastal theme.

A BTO Nest Box Challenger from Muasdale, Argyll reported to me last week, that she has a Common Sandpiper nesting in her front garden flower bed! The nest is around 500 yards from the sea and has four eggs at present. Hopefully the chicks will manage their way back to the shore once they hatch.

Even more bizarre, is a Herring gull which has chosen to make its nest on a vessel moored at Falmouth Docks in Cornwall.

As you can see, the nest is not very substantial and the gull currently has 1 egg (next to left foot) which is lying on the bare steel deck of the ship! If the ship sets sail it will be interesting to find out if the gulls go with it!

Thanks to Maggie Young for the photo of the Common sandpiper nest and Simon Taylor for The Herring Gull photos.

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