09 June 2010

Chardonneret visits Britain... (a test for all those French speakers)

Back in March we posted a story about birds that showed seasonal movements and this was illustrated by Goldfinch controls.

We have just heard from ringer Ian Rendall who caught several Goldfinches in his garden in Kent recently and one had a French ring! We don't know the details of this bird yet but a quick look on the database shows some interesting results of Goldfinches that were ringed in France and found in the UK.

View Goldfinch movements in a larger map

We have had about 180 birds go from this country to France but only 5 birds come the other way, making this report very interesting. Of these 5 birds two were from the same place at Cap Gris Nez, one being found dead in Hertfordshire and the other caught by a ringer in Lincolnshire. The other 3 birds were all caught by ringers and released alive.

Thanks to Ian Rendall for letting us know.

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