26 February 2010

Waxwing returns to Scottish garden

A Waxwing ringed in a Grampian garden on 19 February 2009 made a welcome return this week, almost exactly a year after being ringed. It, and 31 others, was originally ringed after being lured into the garden using 'spiked' apples - good tip there!

We haven't seen many Waxwings in the country this winter, and there are only four in this particular garden now, but this was a surprise returnee, identified by its unique colour rings.

There aren't too many examples of Waxwings being seen back at the same site in subsequent winters, so this is really good to hear of. The only examples I could find quickly were both Grampian birds as well. NV11840 was ringed in January 1990 at Kemnay and seen back there on 8 November 1990. It was then seen three times locally into mid December. The other was NV59223 ringed in Aberdeen in November 1990 and then seen in Cleveland in March 1991, but back in Aberdeen in November 1993!

So it's good to know there are colour-ringed Waxwing back in the country, so have a close look at any flocks near you and let us know via www.ring.ac

Many thanks to Walter Burns for the pictures.

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