23 February 2010

Finnish Peregrine shot in Cambridgeshire

We recently received the sad details of a Finnish-ringed Peregrine that was picked up with an injured wing in Soham on 10 January. After a short time in care it was apparent it had actually been shot, with vets eventually removing four pellets. These had broken a bone in the wing which they were able to pin it, and it is hoped that the bird will survive.

D261408 was originally ringed as a nestling in July 2009, near Pelkosenniemi, northern Finland (67 N 28 E), and was also given a black colour ring with TI in white (see below).

We have fewer than 10 records of Finnish-ringed Peregrines in the UK, but oddly the most recent was also a bird ringed near Pelkosenniemi. This was ringed in July 2008 and found dead (also with a broken wing!) in Gloucestershire in November 2008.

Thanks to Peter Wilkinson for letting us know about this, Jari Valkama for the ringing details and David Garner for the photo.

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  1. How many more are shot and never found, i wonder?