23 April 2012

Topping the quarter million

We're not talking about the number of Lapwing ringed since the start of the Ringing Scheme (actually 240,853 but close enough), or the number of pairs of Sand Martins breeding in the UK (maximum-ish) but the number of hits 'Demog Blog' passed last weekend.

From the first post on 5th January 2009, we've brought you 288 posts on a bewildering range of subjects. We've talked about sewage, butchers, Italian sandwiches, paintballing Rooks, an albino Storm Petrel, a Scottish Red Kite in the Azores and wrecks of Puffins in Spain and Kittiwakes in the Pyrenees. We've also brought you news of who wins out of Buzzard versus Chimpanzee and Tawny Owl versus Stock Dove and plenty of posts about Glossy Ibis. But what have been the most popular posts? The top five looks like this:
As so many recoveries are about movements, we've also published some pretty popular maps:
So if you've not explored our varied 'back catalogue' then now might just be a good time.

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