20 April 2011

Nest records are escalating at the Nunnery

The Nunnery Ringing Group have been busy this spring, finding and monitoring nests of the local thrushes, Robins and Dunnocks but things are starting to move up a gear.

As you can see from the pins in the map below, we have already found quite a few nests this year from all over Thetford, the majority located on the BTO reserve (the long strip running south-west from Thetford). Many of these nests have progressed to the nestling stage and some are just about to fledge chicks, including several Blackbirds, Song Thrushes, Robins, Dunnocks and Chaffinches.

And it's not just the resident species that have begun to nest - our short distance migrants are getting in on the act too. While it might seem like they've only been back for a few weeks, we have already found one female Chiffchaff sitting on six eggs (below), with several more busy building. Not far from our site, another BTO staff member has found a Blackcap already laying its first clutch. If the weather stays warm and dry, you can be sure that the long distance migrants won't be far behind.

Thanks to Dave Leech for the photo of the Chiffchaff nest.

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