22 April 2010

Staff migration delayed - stopovers ensue!

So as to enjoy the ambiance of Greece, Dorian Moss, our database officer in the Demography Unit goes on holiday to Naxos in the Aegean. Unfortunately the ancient gods were not happy with him deserting the BTO, so while visiting the Temple of Demeter he heard that they had taken it out on hapless Iceland! The volcanic ash caused the pilots problems due to getting stuck in their engines - their vacuum cleaner bags weren't up to the task. This made Dorian's return migration flight into one more suited to a flightless rail!

View Dorian's migration in a larger map

Dorian started his journey on a ferry from Naxos to Athens, then a bus to Patras where he flagged down a passing ferry to Venice where he checked out the recently arrived Swifts. On arrival there all the gondolas bound for England were fully booked so Dorian managed to join 50 other would-be travellers on a coach trip across the Alps to Calais, logging up migrant blackcaps, swallows and chiffchaffs near Metz. Arriving in Calais the bus was checked over for 'illegals' and fortunately Dorian was allowed to stay aboard and get on the shuttle, so that he could dutifully report for work in Thetford just 3 days late.

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