22 December 2009

Lunchtime ring-reading - give it a go!

Everyone should try ring-reading.....

A quick lunchtime trip down to the river by The Nunnery (the BTO HQ) today was reasonably successful. Armed with a single bread roll and a pair of bins, I managed to read a Black-headed Gull ring from Helgoland, Germany (5501947). Not the most exciting record in the world, but there have been fewer than 20 records of German Black-headed Gulls in Norfolk, so not too bad!

So if you get a chance over Christmas, go armed with some bread and your bins and get reading! You can report any sightings online at www.ring.ac and comment here on the blog if you succeed.

1 comment:

  1. We've been getting a nice selection on the Exe as well - last winter produced birds from Sweden, Finland and Latvia, amongst others. At least two of last winters' birds has returned this winter as well! Good fun, but the bread bill rises rapidly