17 April 2009

Check before watering!

"The other day we noticed a male Wren singing from one of the hanging baskets right by our back gate. With its tail pumping up and down whilst it sang, we knew it was keen to defend its territory. When the female bird appeared, the male suddenly disappeared inside the basket. Checking the basket a little later, there was a small pile of evicted compost under the basket and a Wren’s nest inside it! What the bird had done was tp create a nest inside the basket, using a flower hanging from one of the holes as a perch. It had then dug out a nest in the compost inside the basket.

Male Wrens build several nests over the spring, and the female selects the best one, so we have no idea if she'll like this particular site. However, it looks like we won’t be watering this hanging basket for a while!"

Thanks to James & Kate Cracknell for this, and for the photos.

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