28 October 2016

DemOn in DM out

Dorian Moss is retiring from the BTO as Ringing Database Officer today.

It is best to smile when you are at work!

He joined the team in May 2008, particularly so as to draw up the specifications for the new ringing database, and was one of the team bringing this to fruition in 2014. He has been one of the five staff managing ringing data and recoveries for the past 8 years. From 2008 to 2014 he had the main responsibility for final checks on recoveries and moving them to the permanent database and sending them out to ringers and finders. Then in June 2014 the new database went live, and Dorian started to concentrate on managing the vast resource of ringing data input by our volunteer John Bonell.

Dorian in his favourite habitat, the ringing schedules store at The Nunnery

Since we have been using the new database, Dorian has taken a special interest in checking out new ringing sites, making sure that the grid references and coordinates are correct by checking on maps and Google Earth. Ringers may well have received enquiries from him when things didn’t look correct.

We wish him well in his retirement and look forward to seeing him out collecting valuable ringing data in due course, now he has all this time on his hands. However he is a glutton for punishment, and he has agreed to take over the (unpaid) role of EURING Databank Manager from Chris du Feu in 2017. So he will keep his brain working and we will still have contact with him.

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