03 March 2014

Let the nesters... nest!

During the winter months, nest recorders (known as nesters) all around the country are eagerly waiting the first signs of spring. Some start in February when pigeons, Ravens and Cormorants are starting to breed. We have posted previously on nesting Tawny Owls, some of which would have left their nest by now, but spring is really here when we receive our first reports of our garden birds nesting.

While walking through Thetford, Norfolk last Friday on a cold and dreary morning, I came across two Blackbirds fledglings being fed by their parents (below). They had been seen earlier in the week and by now had become very obvious. The eggs of this brood must have been laid in January as they were reasonably well developed but still very reliant on their parents. Unfortunately during my lunch break today, I found one of these fledglings on the road, after being struck by a car but the other one is still alive and well.

First Thetford Blackbirds of the season - Lee Barber

Another classic garden bird is the Robin. In the BTO grounds they are usually very elusive but after seeing a Robin in the same place on Thursday, Friday and today, I can finally confirm that another BTO nest is underway with a part built nest.

We will of course be following the progress of these two 'nests', and we will add many many more during the season. We will shortly be out looking for Long-tailed Tit nests while they are building their domed lichen nest, but if you have never recorded a nest before, get in touch with us at the NRS website and join us with our notebooks and nesting sticks.

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  1. Nice post Lee. The dreadful weather here in Cornwall has meant that my Cormorants haven't laid a single stick yet, normally I would have the first eggs by now and a similar story for Raven - nothing.