28 June 2013

German KP update

In the past the majority of recoveries received at the BTO concerned reports of dead birds, so reports where live birds were reported were few and far between. With the advent of colour ringing, particularly of raptors, waders and gulls, the chance of getting reports which track the movements of birds has greatly increased. 

Kentish Plover taken by Martin Casemore

We posted in March about a Kentish Plover that was ringed in Germany as a breeding adult at St Peter-Ording (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) in May 2009 (red pin). It returned to the same site again in June 2010, and was then seen in Sussex in March 2013 (yellow pin). This is valuable information in itself but it has now been reported on 24 June 2013 on the Eider Estuary (blue pin), Schleswig Holstein, Germany.

View Kentish Plover in a larger map

We still don't have much information regarding KPs that visit the UK or Ireland, so this information is very interesting. Hopefully we'll get to see this bird once again on our shores.

Thanks to Dominic Cimiotti for letting us know.

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