05 May 2012

Muddy Peregrine finds a mate

We recently heard of a fascinating colour ring story... On 22nd April, a pair of Peregrines were seen hunting offshore at Selsey Bill, Sussex, catching a pigeon and bringing it to the beach. They then spent an hour taking turns eating it in front of the gathered sea-watchers, where it was noted that the female of the pair was ringed (pale blue CG). Video of the birds was also posted on BirdForum TV.

The origin of this bird was a rather more interesting story, though. It wasn't ringed as a chick in the nest, but soon after fledging in 2010 had been found stuck in the mud of the River Severn! It was taken into care at the RSPCA centre at Westhatch, given a good bath and then needed to be 'hacked' back into the wild. Thanks to the Hawk Conservancy, it was kept in a release pen near Ringwood, Hampshire, along with three others birds from around the southwest and all were successfully released.

Thanks to Ed Drewitt and Graham Roberts for the details of this happy ending, and to the Hawk Conservancy for the photo of the four hacked birds.

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