03 January 2012

Happy New Year!

With gale force winds and driving rain, the start of 2012 isn't ideal for ringing birds but while this settles down, its time to deal with the last of the 2011 recoveries.

After the Christmas period we have received quite a few reports of wildfowl and garden birds being found dead. Some wildfowl and gulls have been recorded alive by the dedicated ring readers at their local park. It won't take us long to process all the reports up to the end of 2011 and at the same time we will be loading all the data coming in from ringers of all the birds they've ringed and recaptured in that time.

The Demography Team would like to thank all of our ringers for their work over the past year. All the data collected is vital to conservation and 2011 looks likely to be another record breaker. This time a year ago we had received fewer ringing records and in the end we had over a million birds ringed in 2010! So this year it's looking good to reach over a million again! We'll let you know when we have completed the final load.

Thanks to Rob Robinson for the photo.

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