15 June 2011

19th Welsh Osprey ringed

Kelvin Jones writes:

BTO ringer Adrienne Stratford (below) ringed the 19th Osprey chick ever in Wales on Monday (11 June), at the Glaslyn Osprey Project at Porthmadog, Gwynedd.

Ospreys were discovered breeding in the Glaslyn Valley in 2004, but due to an unseasonal summer storm the nest collapsed and it was then confirmed that there had been two chicks in it. The adult pair returned to breed the following year and have bred successfully every year since.

Of the ringed chicks, one from 2006 has returned to the UK and has bred successfully in Dumfries for the past two years. This year a chick from 2008 has been seen in both the Glaslyn and Dovey valleys.

There was another successful pair in mid Wales in 2004, but unfortunately it was impossible to ring the single chick they produced, due to the inaccessable nesting site.

Thanks to Kelvin for the rather relaxed Osprey photo.

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