10 January 2011

Exciting recent reports

Not only have we received lots of web reports of ringed birds but we have also received quite a few letters. Lots of these were of ringed birds being killed by cats and cars but there are a few more unusual reports.

These included:
  • French ringed Woodcock shot near Angmering, West Sussex.
  • Goldcrest found in a bedroom at Newton Abbot, Devon wearing a ring from Belgium.
  • The first ever British ringed Green Sandpiper to be found in Finland (Suomela, Padasjoki, Finland). SR25446 was ringed and colour ringed on 27/07/2005 in Nanjizal, Land's End, Cornwall! Even a leg and the colour rings were sent back.

View Green sandpiper in a larger map

Last but not least, we had a letter concerning a Little Egret that died in a garden at Binham, Fakenham, Norfolk on Boxing Day. This bird was not ringed in Norfolk but GF09820 was ringed near Faversham, Kent on 31/05/2001 (177km). This makes this report a longevity record of over 9 years, beating the current 6 years 5 months 23 days!

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