18 May 2010

Battle of the boxes: update

Last week I reported on a conflict (apparently) that was fatal for a Pied Flycatcher. On the same visit (10 May) I found another box which had a Great Tit’s nest. This contained 5 eggs, but they were unusually deeply buried in the mossy/feather nest material beneath the cup (rather than just lying in the bottom of the cup covered with some loose nest material). In other respects it was a normal Tit’s nest.

Today (17 May) when I inspected the box I was surprised to find it now contained a Pied Flycatcher’s nest (usual grass and stems) with 3 blue eggs. So either the Flycatcher usurped the Tit and took over the box, or the Tit had deserted and the Flycatcher seized the opportunity.

Either way, it’s now Great Tits 1 – Pied Flycatchers 1.

Posted on behalf of David Coker and photo of Great Tit nest by Bob Coyle (not David Coker's nest) .

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