20 April 2010

Coloured White Wagtails


We have just recevied a report of colour ringed White Wagtail X455756, which was seen at Wigtown, Dumfries and Galloway on 12th April 2010. This bird was also ringed at Slapton, Devon on 9th Sept 2009 during the early stages of Icelandic passage through Devon.


With a total of 12 White Wagtails on a beach at Ballyconnell, Co. Sligo on the 11th of April things were looking good for this regular passage site. Amazingly one of these birds was colour ringed!

V923551 was ringed at Slapton, Devon on 12th Sept 2008 as an adult male! This bird had not been seen since it had been ringed but with a distance of about 568km it's interesting how far this bird has actually travelled.

Interestingly we have received 9 reports of Icelandic ringed White Wagtails in the UK. These have been found in different conditions, from being seen alive and well and others found dead. Other countries that we have received White Wagtails from include Belgium, France and Spain.

So the moral of the story is to get out there and find them. You can report all your sightings to www.ring.ac and find out where it has been.

Thanks to Declan Skehan for the photo and Seamus Feeney for both finding the bird. Also thanks to Michael Casey for letting me know about this bird.

If you are a ringer or nest recorder and have some interesting or unusual news, let me know (lee.barber@bto.org) and we can add it onto the Demog Blog.

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