18 March 2010

Our first foreign Quail movement

We recently reported on the first foreign-ringed Quail in the UK (taken by a Peregrine - more details in this post), and now we have our first foreign movement from the UK.

XE97619 was one of three birds ringed in June 2009 near Matlock in Derbyshire (two of these are pictured above). The summer was a great year for Quail, and this particular site had 8 or 9 calling males, with three birds caught using a tape-lure (under licence of course) and triangle of nets! It was sadly shot at Aliud, Spain, on 18 August 2009, presumably on southward migration (birds will generally winter around the Mediterranean and even into North Africa).

View BTO Quail in Spain in a larger map

Thanks to Steve Moores for the photo and info on these birds.


We have just got some extra information on movements around Europe, and Lyndon Kearsley has kindly produced the map below of Quail movements to/from Belgium.

View KwartelHervangsten in a larger map


  1. Nice result of quails ringing. Here is my method of catching these interesting birds:
    Zdenek Moudry, Czech Republic

  2. Any info on sex of the Quail which was recovered? I've just finished an article on the Quail influx to East Lothian last summer and wanted to mention this. We had a f/juv Quail recovered from below a Peregrine site on 3 September, dead perhaps a wk, also consistent with departure commencing August.

  3. The age and sex were taken for these birds. XE97612 was a juvenile not showing any sexable features and the other two, XE97613 and XE97619, were adult males.