07 December 2009

Norwegian Cormorant in London

One of our first posts on Demog Blog back in January involved our first record of Lithuanian-ringed Cormorant. This bird was colour-ringed in the nest in 2008 and had its details read at Boultham Mere, Lincolnshire.

Just last week we heard of our first colour-ringed Cormorant from Norway. 'Black Z4' was seen on the Thames at Wandsworth Park on 22 November. This bird was ringed at Øra Naturreservat, Fredrikstad, Østfold, Norway on 27 June 2001, so wasn't a wandering juvenile. This is the second bird we've had from this site, the first being found dead

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We have had four records of Norwegian birds found dead in Britain (in Orkney, Northumberland, Suffolk and Glamorgan), but hopefully we'll see more colour-ringed birds in the future...

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