01 July 2009

52 year old Manxie (ring) found

When this report came in last week, there was an audible groan, as we always have a nightmare finding such ringing details... Why? Rings found by metal detectors are always so old that they are difficult to trace in the dusty archive.

But these are always interesting records though, even if we do have to dig deep. Luckily the ring number was still pretty clear (testimony to the toughness of the rings), and thankfully it was quite an easy one to trace. The ring two up from this one had been used on Lundy Island, so this seemed a good place to start. The Lundy Field Society then came straight back to confirm that it was a Manx Shearwater they'd ringed on 29 April 1957.

So though this doesn't tell us too much, its a nice bit of history!

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