01 June 2009

Incestuous Peregrines in Bath

We've just been sent some footage of the ringing of a young Peregrine from a most strange pairing!

This is the offspring of a pair of Peregrines on Bath Cathedral, which starred on the BBC recently. The male parent, though, is actually a chick hatched from the same nest in 2007, so is now breeding with his own mother! We only know this because these birds are ringed, so we know a lot more about their unusual life histories.

You can see the news footage here and to keep track of the Bath Peregrines, subscribe to the study group blog here.

Thanks to Ed Drewitt for letting us know about this unusual pairing!

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  1. Going on from this story, we've also just heard of a pair of Pied Flycatchers in Northumberland that were ringed as siblings a mile from their new home in May last year!