20 May 2009

Manchester Peregrines ringed

Urban-nesting Peregrines have become more of a common sight in recent years, but they never lose their appeal.

These photos show the ringing of chicks reared on their custom-built highrise tray in Manchester last week. Peregrines have bred in the city since 2006, and even appeared on the One Show last summer.

The provision of a nesting tray by the Greater Manchester Bird Recording Group has suited them fine though, and the birds can regularly be seen on the BBC Big Screen at the Triangle behind M&S, so do go along and see what's happening. Video of the birds can also be seen on the BBC website here.

Thanks to Adrian Dancy for the images, Craig Bell for letting Adrian tag along and, of course, the steeple jack Colin Brooks who offers his services free of charge to retreive the chicks for Craig to ring.

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