04 February 2009

Summer is here...

OK, so perhaps its not exactly summer yet, but some birds are already getting down to breeding!

The BTO HQ in Thetford is now home to a Mallard sitting on 13 eggs (right beside a completely frozen lake) and a Feral Pigeon sat on two eggs (in a local church gutter). We're not sure how wise these early attempts are, but you can't fault them for trying!

It would be interesting to hear of any other early attempts, so keep your eyes peeled!


  1. Just to beat our Thetford birds, we've also heard of a Collared Dove which had managed to hatch chicks in Cheshire by 24 January. This bird had nested on a satellite dish, but sadly one of the two chicks didn't survive the recent cold snap.

  2. Norfolk. Young male Sparrowhawk hit the net (it stuck) on 1st Feb and deposited a Collared Dove chick alongside. This was at the FS stage, i.e. the feathers were just out of pin. Sparr lost its dinner but gained some 'jewellery'.