06 January 2009

BTO Barn Owl found in Spain

We have just received details from the Spanish Ringing Scheme of a BTO-ringed Barn Owl found dead in northeast Spain. This is an amazing movement, as we have very few records of British-bred Barn Owls going anywhere interesting!

This bird was originally ringed as a nestling in Essex in July 2008. It was then found on 8 November at Pals, in the Girona region of Spain. We're not sure how it died, but it didn't have a head!

We have had a few movements of Barn Owls to Britain from abroad (shown in blue on the map), but fewer reports of birds ringed here and subsequently found abroad (shown in green on the map). Note the rather unusual report from Afghanistan of a bird ringed near an RAF base in Oxfordshire..... Presumably it didn't make it all the way there under its own steam!

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This is a fully functioning Google map, so you can zoom in and out and click on the markers to view the details for each movement.

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